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smith_daily's Journal

Smith Daily
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to smith_daily, a daily picture community for Kavan Smith. As well as daily pictures of Kavan and of the characters he's played you're welcome to post fanart, fanfiction and any news about Kavan Smith and his current projects.

Any questions, problems or suggestions then please check the page-a-mod post HERE.


-Respect each other and people's opinions, bashing of members, mods or Kavan will not be tolerated.

-Please make sure to tag all posts, if there isn't a tag for the item you're posting just ask me and I'll make one. If your post hasn't been tagged I'll ask you you to tag it. Any problems or questions let me know in the page-a-mod post.

-All large images should be posted under a cut, if you don't know how to do LJ cut's just ask and someone will explain them to you.

-All content should be related to Kavan Smith, with the exception of the spam posts, in which case you can talk about anything and everything.

-If you're posting fanfiction please make sure to post it under a cut, and use the following information outside the cut:

Fandom: (tv show/film the fic is from)
Disclaimer: (all fics should come with a disclaimer)

-If you're using someone elses work then please give them credit and don't claim as your own.


-All fanart should be posted under a cut as well. When posting icons there should be a preview/teaser of 3/4 icons outside a cut and then the rest under the cut. Or a link to the rest of them.


If you'd like to affiliate with smith_daily please comment HERE and I'll add you to the list.

keller_daily, jt_daily, sga_ships_daily

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